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Chapter One
1.0     Introduction                                                                   
1.1     Background to the Study                                                
1.2     Statement of the Problem                                      
1.3     Research Questions                                                        
1.4     Objectives of the Study                                                             
1.5     Significance of the Study                                                
1.6     Scope of the Study                                                          
1.7     Limitation to the Study                                                   
1.8     Definition of the Terms  
Chapter Two
2.0     Literature Review                                                           
2.1     Concept of Print Media                                                   
2.2     History of the Print Media in Nigeria                               
2.3     Functions of the Mass media                                          
2.4     Concept of Graphics                                                       
2.5     Origin of Graphics                                                          
2.6     Types of Graphics in Newspaper                                      
2.7     Photojournalism                                                                       
2.8     History - What is Photography?                                       
2.9     Photography in Communication                                      
2.10   Computer Graphics and Newspaper                                
2.11   Role of Graphics in Print Media                             
2.11   Theoretical Framework                                         
Chapter Three
3.0     Research Methodology                                                    
3.1     Restatement of the Research Questions                          
3.2     Research Design                                                            
3.3     Study Population                                                            
3.4     Sample Size                                                                   
35      Data Collection Instrument                                             
3.6     Validity and Reliability of Research Instrument               
3.7     Data Collection Process                                                  
3.8     Data Analysis                                                                 
Chapter Four
4.0     Data Analysis and Discussion of Findings                       
4.1     Data Analysis                                                                          
Chapter Five
5.0     Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations                 
5.1     Summary                                                                      
5.2      Conclusion                                                 
5.3      Recommendations                                      

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